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1.New students are supposed to register at the International Students Office, Chongqing Jiaotong University (Hereinafter called CQJTU) within the period prescribed in the Admission Notice. For registration, students need to submit the Admission Notice, passport, and JW201 Form or JW202 Form. Students who cannot register for some reasons in due time shall inform in writing the international students officer of reasons. Anyone who fails to register in due time without proper reasons may be deprived to his or her qualification for admission.

2.Students should submit their passports for verification and 8 passport sized photos for residence permit and credentials application.

3.Self-support language students shall pay in full tuitions for at least one semester on registration. Self support degree students shall pay in full tuitions for one academic year on registration. Students should pay tuitions and accommodation expense in Chinese currency RMB.

4.Students who are to study for over three months shall go through a physical checkup within the fixed period of time at the designated hospital. Those who have done the medical checkup in their home countries should bring their physical checkup reports, blood test reports, X-ray reports to Chongqing International Travel Healthcare Center for verification. Those whose physical checkup reports fo not meet the requirements or are not complete in examination items will be asked to do the physical examination afresh or do the missing items. The expenses shall be borne by students themselves. A new international student whose examination results do not meet the health standard will be asked to leave China immediately and bear the relevant expenses.

5.Students who have paid all relevant fees and meet the health requirements will be given the Study Notice issued by the International Students Office, with which he can go to the respective college for registration and subject selection.

6.Returned language and degree students should register at the International Affair Office within the period prescribed in the university schedule each semester. Students who cannot register as scheduled should inform in writing the International Affair Office of reasons for delayed registration in advance. Otherwise, they may be subject to disciplinary punishment according to relevant rules.

7.All international students are supposed to attend the school-opening ceremony and the orientation that gives general information about CQJTU and university rules and pertinent Chinese laws and regulations. Afterwards, interviews with visa officers will be arranged.


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