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Engineering Management

Characteristic advantages: Engineering Management was started in 1983 which was the first batch of first-class majors in China and the first batch of characteristic specialties in Chongqing; it is one of the first-class specialties of "3 Special Action Plan"; it has an excellent teaching team; it is the domestic old brand engineering management major, which has an important influence in the field of domestic transportation and engineering construction management. It has advanced experimental resources such as UAV Aerial Survey 3D Modeling BIM Laboratory, Intelligent Engineering Integrated Training Platform and other advanced experimental resources, and jointly runs "International Engineering Class" and "PPP Project Class" with central enterprises.

Career development: Master's and doctor's degrees in management can be further studied in our college; excellent graduates can study for master's and doctor's degrees without examination. The initial employment rate is more than 95%. The graduates are welcomed by the transportation industry, engineering construction field and government agencies. 50% of the graduates work in the world's top 500 enterprises such as CCCC, CSCEC and China Railway. The outstanding alumni include vice presidents of double first-class universities and chairman of large-scale central enterprises.

Tel:(023) 62789004
add: No.66, Xuefu Road, Nan' an District, Chongqing, 400074, China
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