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Characteristic advantages: Accounting is originated from the Finance and Accounting Teaching and Research Office of the University in the 1960s. It started as Accounting major in the 1990s. In 2011, it cooperated with the Royal Institute of Chartered Management Accountants to set up CIMA (Chartered Management Accountant), a  characteristic class.This specialty focus on broad caliber, solid foundation and ability, and cultivate compound quality professionals who are engaged in accounting, auditing, financial management and other related work for enterprises, accounting firms and relevant government departments. The curriculum highlights the characteristics of traffic and engineering, pays attention to international standards, and combines the practice in and out of school. The CIMA bilingual course of accounting integrates the world's leading Chartered Management Accountant Certificate Course into the training program, strengthens the professional foundation of international accounting and business rules and international finance, and cultivates modern management accounting abilities such as finance, operation, strategy and management accommodation, so as to meet the needs of the era of big data and intelligent management.

Career development: Master's or doctor's degree in management science and engineering,MBA can be further studied in our college; excellent graduates can study for master's degree and doctor's degree without examination. Excellent graduates can directly study for master's degree and doctor's degree without examination.The rate of passing the qualification examination for CPA and asset appraiser, and the rate of studying abroad after the postgraduate entrance examination are high; the initial employment rate has been above 95% for 20 consecutive years, and the graduates are welcomed by the fields of transportation, engineering, professional firms and government agencies. Alumni in the 1990s: Lu Yang, the national accounting leader, served as the CFO of Financial Street Chengdu Real Estate Co., Ltd., Chen Meimei, CFO of Chongqing High Tech Group Co., Ltd.; Chen Xin, general manager of Chongqing 960 Finance and Faxation Education Company; Feng Chaoyang, CFO of Huangteng Group Co., Ltd.

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