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Information Management and System

Characteristic advantages: Information Management and System is originated from the Teaching and Research Office of information and systems engineering in the 1980s, and was started in 2001. It is one of the most promising majors in the digital age and intelligent society. It is a key discipline in Chongqing as well as an important supporting specialty for doctoral program of Management Science and Engineering. It has provincial and ministerial R & D and practice platforms such as Chongqing Transportation Big Data Application Research Center and A provincial Internet of Things Technology Application Research Center Based on Integration of Information Technology and Industrialization; 60% of the teaching staff has the background of industry research and industry teaching integration. It highlights the characteristics of smart city and intelligent transportation, and has core courses such as Management, Operations Research, Information Management System, Object-Oriented Programming Technology, Internet Technology Development, Principle of Big Data Technology, Data mining and Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence, etc. It aims to meet the talent needs of information construction and intelligent management of enterprises and organizations, and cultivate application-oriented high-quality talents with the ability to understand technology, fine management who are be able to use big data intelligent analytical technology.

Career development: Master's or doctor's degree in management science and engineering can be further studied in our college; excellent graduates can study for master's degree and doctor's degree without examination. Excellent alumni are recommended to and admitted by Huazhong University of science and technology, Harvard University and other famous universities at home and abroad. The initial employment rate is more than 90%, and the employment rate of 2020 is 100%. Graduates are mainly engaged in software development, information construction and management, big data management and application, business intelligence analysis and decision support, etc. they are welcomed by enterprises, institutions and government agencies in the fields of transportation and information industry Senior engineer of Ribaba, Jingdong, Haikang Group and other well-known enterprises. One of the graduates of 2016, Li Hu Jinzhi, went to Waseda University in Japan to study.

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