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Marketing Management

Characteristic advantages: Marketing Management was started in 1996. Relying on the first-class doctoral program of "management science and Engineering" and the master's program of "business administration", as the key disciplines in Chongqing, it highlights the characteristics of "transportation + smart marketing", and implement the talent training system of "upgrading from undergraduate to master and upgrading to doctoral". Full time teachers undertake a number of national social science and NSFC projects, and won 2 provincial and ministerial level teaching achievement awards and 3 Chongqing Humanities and Social Sciences Excellent Achievement awards.Among them here are provincial and ministerial experts and National Association directors. 50% of the teachers have served as independent directors, general managers and department managers. Most of them have career training and decision-making consultation experiences. The teacher guides the students to win 4 first prizes of national discipline competition (2 National Gold Awards of China University Students Challenge Cup Entrepreneurship Competition). Teachers and students jointly create “Chongqing Colorful Forest practicing the idea of "Forest Tourism -Ecological Breeding-Leisure Health".Chongqing "colorful forest", which is the "demonstration site of farmhouse thatched cottage" appointed by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the first batch of "Key Construction Bases of National Forest Health Preservation" appointed by the State Forestry and Grassland Administration.

Career development: Master's or doctor's degree in management science and engineering,MBA can be further studied in our college; excellent graduates can study for master's degree and doctor's degree without examination. Excellent graduates can be recommended to have further study in Peking University, Nankai University, Sichuan University and other famous universities. In recent three years, the average employment rate is more than 90%, and 73.5% of the students become marketing managers or senior executives of enterprises after graduation. For example, alumni  Wei Fangin the 2000's is the vice president of marketing of Hongta Group, Yan Miao is now the chairman of Chongqing Mujia Trading Co., Ltd., and Xing Shui is the general project manager of Sichuan Wanjing Ronghui Group, the largest real estate enterprise in Meishan, Sichuan.

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