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Characteristic advantages: Economics was originated from the Economics Teaching and Research Office in the 1980s, the Economics major (initially named Investment Economy) was established in the 1990s, with professional directions such as Finance and International Trade. It is a first-class specialty in Chongqing and an innovative experimental zone for talent cultivation in Chongqing. The 1993 edition of Transport Economics is a classic textbook in the field of transportation, with three brand courses in Chongqing. There are 7 professors, 4 provincial and ministerial level talents such as famous teachers and academic leaders in Chongqing, 66% of them have doctoral degree and 45% have overseas study experiences. It has advanced R & D and training resources, such as a Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences in Chongqing, 4 experimental training centers on campus. The students have won the national gold medal in Challenge Cup, domestic gold award and international silver award in Sino British entrepreneurship competition.

Career development: Master's and doctor's degrees in management can be further studied in our college; excellent graduates can study for master's and doctor's degrees without examination.Outstanding alumni were admitted to the University of Chicago, Renmin University of China and other famous universities at home and abroad. The initial employment rate is more than 90%. Graduates are in the party and government organs, financial industry, banks, securities companies, large state-owned enterprises, apple like Evergrande group, Byte Jump and other world top 500 enterprises.

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