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Engineering Cost

Characteristic advantages: the direction of Engineering Cost was initially set up for investment economics and then incorporated into the engineering management specialty. In 2012, the Engineering Cost specialty was set up according to the new specialty catalog of the Ministry of education; it is one of the most influential specialties in the field of domestic highway cost, and is one of the first batch of characteristic specialties in Chongqing; it is the member unit and executive director unit for compiling relevant standards for highway cost in China. The major focuses on the cost of transportation infrastructure projects, takes into account the civil construction and municipal engineering fields, and shares teachers, laboratories, internship training and data information resources with Engineering Management specialty; the teaching team is selected as the excellent teaching team of Chongqing; students can participate in the "International Engineering Class" and "PPP Project Class".

Career development: Master's and doctor's degrees in management can be further studied in our college; excellent graduates can study for master's and doctor's degrees without examination. The rate of postgraduate entrance examination is more than 20%. Excellent alumni are recommended to Tsinghua University and other famous universities at home and abroad. The initial employment rate is more than 95%. Graduates are welcomed by transportation industry, engineering construction field and government agencies. 50% of them work in the world's top 500 enterprises such as CCCC, CSCEC and China Railway.

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