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Intellectual Property

Characteristic advantages:International Property originates from the Law Teaching and Research section set up in the early stage of the school. It was started in 2013 and has great market potential.Relying on the school's advantages in engineering, law, economics, management and engineering are combined to form unique professional characteristics. There are 2 top ten teachers in the University, 85% of the teachers have doctoral degrees and overseas study experiences.We have a team of lawyer teachers and part-time teachers in the political and legal fields. The evaluation of the teaching quality of multiple professional courses ranks in the top 5% of the university.We were rewarded with provincial and ministerial teaching achievements, participated in the revision of relevant laws and regulations in Chongqing, and participated in the construction of China Transportation and Communications Information Center (CTTIC) and CTTIC National Intellectual Property Logistics Platform.  We have abundant research and training resources such as Chongqing Municipal Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base, and internship training base jointly established with relevant courts and law firms.

Career development: Master's and doctor's degrees in Business Administration, Transportation Economics and Management can be further studied in our college; excellent graduates can study for master's and doctor's degrees without examination.Students have high rates of legal examination and postgraduate entrance examination, the initial employment rate remains above 90%. More than 85% of graduates are engaged in jobs with strong professional matching. They are employed by the Intellectual Property Office of the Supreme People's court, Chongqing Intellectual Property Office, relevant intellectual property courts.

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