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Provisions for International Students’ Class Attendance

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1. International students shall observe the class disciplines and attend classes punctually. He/she shall not be late for class, leave class early, or be absent from classes.

2. Teachers shall check students’ attendance before class, and keep an attendance record.

3. International students who cannot attend classes because of illness or private affairs must ask the course teacher for leave and promptly inform the instructor. If students ask for leave more than 2 days, they must inform in writing the instructors of reasons in advance. After then go to International Student Office to complete the formalities for leave. Students who miss classes without permission or approval will be treated as being absent.

4. International students will be warned and criticized for being absent for more than 1/3 class hours within a month. A warning leads to a cut off of a month’s scholarship. Two warnings make a serious warning. International students who are absent for more than 50 class hours within a semester, or get a serious warning, will be placed on probation on campus or be asked to quit school upon his/her other performances.

5. International students who are absent for more than 1/2 class hours within a semester will not be allowed to take part in the final examination.

6. The paid tuition fees will not be refunded to the international students being asked to quit school.

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