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Provisions for International Student Registration and Student Management

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1. New students should register, pay tuition and other fees in due time with the Admission Notice, passport, JW201 Form or JW202 Form. Registration should only be done by students themselves. Students who cannot register within the fix time shall inform in writing (emailing, faxing and etc.) the international students officer of reasons for an extension which is not more than 2 weeks. Students asking for sick delay should summit original medical certificates. If not, reasonable proof should be given to relevant department. Anyone who fails to register, pay tuition and other fees in due time without proper reasons will be subject to disciplinary punishment accordingly.

2. New students must go to the local police station to register for a temporary residence within 24 hours after their arriving at the university. Students shall have a physical check up in Chongqing Administration of Exit & Entry Inspection and Quarantine, P.R.C. within 10 days from the date of university registering.

3. In the first week of each semester, international students shall go to the corresponding college for enrolment, go to the International Affair Office to take the payment notice, go to the Financial Apartment to pay and then, with the financial receipt and student ID, go to the college for registration. Student who fails to register in due time without proper reasons may be treated as voluntary withdrawal meanwhile his/her residence permit will be cancelled.

4. International students should abide the Temporary Provisions for Credit System Management and Students Status Management. Students shall go to corresponding college to select courses upon pertinent training program and implementation plan. Course assessment and rating management are the same as Chinese students. As for none degree students, the host college shall be responsible for the course selection, course schedule and other teaching arrangements.  

5. International students are exempted from learning the following courses: Ideological and Political Theory, Career Guidance, PHE, Military Training and Theory.

6. Based on the International Student Cultivation Programme, the minimum credit requirement for international student graduation at Chongqing Jiaotong University is: 120-125 credits for 4 year programs, 150-155 credits for 5-year programs. In or before the second semester of year 4 /year 5, if students’ credits are over 80% of the total, he/she will be eligible to do the final research. If not, the students will be asked to prolong the study time for not more than 2 years while they will not be able to enjoy the scholarship and other preferential treatments. In the prolonged duration the tuitions are on the students.

7. International students are supposed to take fieldwork and social practice as Chinese students do. The corresponding college is responsible for organizing international students’ internship and social practice and reporting to Foreign Affair Office. Foreign-related regulations and policies must be observed.

8. International students who cannot attend classes must ask for leave with a letter of request. Students asking for sick leave must summit medical certificate from the university clinic or other qualified hospitals. If the time is within two days, students must get the permission from the instructor and pertinent course teacher. If the time is more than two days, students must get the permission from the vice dean of corresponding college who is in charge of teaching. Students going abroad must get the permission from Foreign Affair Office.

9. The paid tuition fees will not be refunded to the international students who quit school voluntarily in principal. As for students who are seriously sick or have financial problems, if they go through the withdrawal formalities within a month after the start of school, 70% of the tuition fees will be refunded to them. Fees for insurance and visa application are not refundable.

10. International degree students who have obtained the minimum credits and satisfied the Temporary Bachelor’s Degree Awarding Regulations of CQJUT will be granted certificate of graduation and certificate of degree. International degree students who fail to obtain the minimum credits and meet the requirement for graduation will only be given a certificate of course completion.

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