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Temporary Provisions for International Students’ Status Management in Credit System

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Ⅰ. General Rules

1. In order to strengthen the management of international students’ status management, the temporary provisions are formulated according to Administrative Rules on the Acceptance of Foreign Students by Colleges and Universities.

2. The provision applies to all international students at Chongqing Jiaotong University hereinafter called CQJTU.

Ⅱ. Registration & Class Attendance

3. Please refer to Provisions for International Student Registration and Management. International students who fail to inform their late registration will be deemed to give up entry.

4. International students shall have a physical check up in Chongqing Administration of Exit & Entry Inspection and Quarantine, P.R.C.. Only students of medical fitness can register for student status.

5. International students who cannot attend classes must ask for leave and go through pertinent formalities.

6. International students who fail to register are not allowed to sit in the classroom. Without registration, the credits obtained by the student are invalid.

7. International students should participate in all teaching activities, observe class disciplines, attend classes on time and not leave early. Students unable to attend the class due to illness or other reasons should ask for leave in advance.

Ⅲ. Schooling Length

8. International students who fail to obtain enough credits for graduation shall apply for a prolonged duration based on the requirement.

9. 4-year-program students may take 3-6 years to study while 5-year-program students may take 4-7years.

10. International students who obtain the minimum credits ahead of time and satisfy the university requirement may have an early graduation. International students who fail to obtain enough credits in due time may apply to prolong the study time for not more than 2 years.

Ⅳ. Course Selection and Study

11. Registered students must finish all course study, participate in fieldwork, take the internship and complete graduation design.

11.1 Based on the curriculum, international students shall formulate appropriate learning objectives and plans under the guidance of tutors.

11.2 Only international students who have passed examinations, obtained the minimum credits and satisfied the graduation requirement can be granted Certificate of Graduation.

11.3 International students have the freedom to select courses, teachers and course time. Prerequisites must precede follow-up courses. 15 credits are required on average for each semester.  Course selection please refers to Regulations for Undergraduate Course Selection in Credit System of CQJTU.

12. International students must complete all course study and take part in examinations.

12.1 International students who fail a specialized compulsory/elective subject or a general elective course may be given a chance for a makeup that usually takes place in the week before the course start. International students who was deprived the qualification because of cheating and international students who was absent from the examination shall not be allowed to sit the makeup. Paper result not include peacetime grade will be recorded and added into the grade point average. International students who fail the makeup for a specialized compulsory/elective subject should retake the course. Otherwise students may choose a new subject to begin. International students who were rejected from the experiment, fieldwork, academic year paper writing, professional training and graduation design are not allowed to take the make-up examination but retake the course.

12.2 International students who need to retake the course shall apply online. Fees for retaken courses shall be borne by the students themselves. Others please refer to Provisions for Course Retaken of ICCJU.

12.3 Major-changed students and transferees are able to take additional courses based on the curriculum with approval.

12.4 Corresponding colleges are responsible for the examinations of waiving courses based on the cultivation programme. Major-changed students, transferees and students who prolonged the study length must apply if they intend to be waived from certain subjects.

12.5 International students who successfully complete all of the courses and whose GPAs are equivalent or greater than 3.5 can apply to study advanced subjects. Applications must be submitted to relevant department in one week when the school starts. Students who got permission must go through all formalities, pay tuition fees and attend all classes.

12.6 International students who successfully complete all of the courses and whose GPAs are equivalent or greater than 3.0 can apply to choose 2 compulsory subjects to study at home. The applications must be submitted in one week when the school starts. Students who are approved must finish and submit homework on time, take periodical tests and final examinations, and take part in experiments, fieldworks, academic year paper writings, and graduation designs. Qualified students will obtain pertinent credits.

V. Examinations and Records

13.   International students must take examinations for all courses. Students    

who pass the examinations will get the pertinent credits. The examination results will be recorded and kept in the database of the Education Management Information System. The results will also be stored in students’ file.

14.   There are two assessment systems: examination and check. As for check, teachers may adopt close-book examination, open-book examination, partially close-book examination, experiment and etc. to test the students.

15.   Students cannot take the examinations in the following circumstances:

a. If they are absent for 1/4 classes each semester or are randomly inspected absent for 3 times.

b. If they deliberately disturb the class, disobey pertinent regulations and got teacher’s warning for 3 times.

c. If they fail to submit 1/3 homework each semester or are disqualified in experiment, fieldwork and etc.

16.   Grading is by percentage points with the passing score of 60.  Grades

are calculated upon students’ regular performance, assessment results in midterm exam, experiment, fieldwork and final exam. Generally, examination result accounts for 70% of the total final grade.

17.   International students are not allowed to postpone the tests unless they

are sick or have urgent things to deal with. Students must submit request and pertinent medical certificate or other proof if they are not able to take the examination and intend to postpone the test. Students who defer the test have only one opportunity to take the examination, which means the make-up examination for next semester. The examination result will be recorded and filed with no regular performance.

18.  Students with no application for exemption of examination will get no mark and not be allowed to take the make-up examination but retake the course.

19.  Percentage points and accumulated-point System:


Percentage Points

Accumulated Point









Below 60




GPA=  ∑( Accumulated Points ×Credits)


1. Students applying for scholarship can only take the first examination result as the evidence.

VI. Transfer of University or Major

21.  Generally, international students are not allowed to transfer to another university or major, with the following exceptions:

21.1 If it is proved that the major is really unfit for them, and changing major can give play to their strengths.

21.2 If it is proved by university appointed medical unit that the students has some kind of disease or special physiological defect, which can not allow them to continue their study in original major, but able to choose another one.

21.3 If it is approved by university that the students are unable to continue their study in original major due to some particular difficulties or other irresistible reasons.

21.4 According to development and changing of social demand situation and reform of graduates’ employment system, university can makes proper adjustments of the major of international students with their permission.

22. Generally, international students must complete their study at the university where enrolled them. If the students have difficulty that makes them unable to continue their study, they can apply for changing university.

23.  If the international students must change their university or major, a few stipulations must be followed:

23.1 International Students can transfer their major only after they submit the application and get the agreements from Foreign Affair Office and Teaching Affair Office.

23.2 International students can go through the transfer school procedure after they get the agreements from both universities.

23.3 Before the international students who apply for transfer of university or major complete all of the related procedures, they must attend to the class of the original university and major. Otherwise it is violating the rules of university.

23.4 International students can only transfer their major once.

23.5 For international students, the application of transfer major will be accepted in June of each year, and the application will be accepted at the end of each semesters.

24. There are some situations that the international students can not transfer their major or university:

24.1 Enroll in university less than one semester.

24.2 Third grade or above.

24.3 Do not have student status or the student status is being processed.

24.4 The students who have expelled from the university.

24.5 Without any proper reason to transfer.

25. After the international student transfer to other major or university, they must obtain the required amount of credits according to the rules of other university or major before they can graduate. The credits transfer between two majors or two universities must be approved by college after the student submits credit authentication application; if the credit less than requirement of other major or university, students should retake the course according to the rules.

Ⅶ The Second Major and the Transformation of Cross School Credits

26. University encourages the international students who obtain great credits and also have learning capability to take second major on the basic of Specialty Cultivation Programme. The procedure will be handled according to The Regulation of Second Major in Chongqing Jiaotong University.

27. The University allows international students choose the course crossing schools, in order to give full play to university’s advantages and features. By mutual consent, the students can apply for course crossing school and take the examination. Both universities will admit the credits after they pass the exam.

Ⅷ Suspension and Resumption

28. International students should suspend the study in following circumstances:

28.1 If the students diagnosed by an appointed medical unit for illness and personal affairs that makes the students unable to continue their study, and the time of treatment and rest account for more than 1/3 of the semester.

28.2 The international students who are absent from the course for more than two months continuously or whose leaving time accounts for more than 1/4 of the semester will be regarded as suspension or repetition.

29. If the international students have to suspend the study for some particular reasons, the students should submit application for suspension and the other proving materials to the college. The students can suspend the study after they get the permission of the College, Student Affair office, Foreign Affair Office and Dean’s Office. The time limit of suspension, the procedure of resumption of the schooling and the curriculum schedule after the resumption should following the pertinent procedures and policies. Generally, the time limit of suspension is one year for international students, and the cumulative times can not be over two years. The University will keep their student status during the time of suspension.

30. The related issues of suspension of schooling for international students:

30.1 The students need to complete the application form by themselves, and they can leave the school after the application be approved by the college and the university.

30.2 The university is not responsible for any return fare.

30.3 All kinds of scholarship, stipend and subsidy are suspended during the suspension.

30.4 University will keep their student status during the suspension, and count in period of schooling.

30.5 University will not be responsible for any student’s behavior during the suspension;

30.6 The medical costs must be handled according to pertinent regulations.

30.7 The international students who need to come back to their own country should cancel the stay permit, and leave the country in scheduled time; the international students need to submit the written consent from their parents to stay in China for their treatment, and should be taken care by their family.

31. The related issues of resumption of schooling for international students:

31.1 When the suspension is expired, the students should submit the resumption application and suspension related materials before the new term begins. The international students can return to school after they get the agreement from their college and university;

31.2 The international students who suspend the schooling due to diseases or injury should submit the certificate from public hospitals at or above the country level. The students can return to school after they are qualified in the recheck of university appointed hospital and get the permission from the leader of university.

31.3 The international students who need resumption will be enrolled in suitable grade in original major according to the situation.

31.4 The students who unable to get agreement from university for resumption can not come to the class without authorization.

32. During the time of suspension, the university can dismiss their student status if the international students violate the law and discipline. During the time of suspension, if the international students want to apply for other university, they should apply to dismiss their student status in our university first. When the suspension time is expired, the students who have not apply for resumption will be regarded as terminate the study of theirs own accord.

Ⅸ The Warning, Extending and Drop-out

33. The international students will be warned by university if their unqualified credits account for more than 40% of total credits. The college that enrolls the students is responsible for issuing the warning, and submits the warning in written form to Foreign Affair Office at the end of the semester.

34. The international students can extend their schooling in following circumstances:

34.1 The international students apply for extend their schooling voluntarily.

34.2 If the international students’ credits are lower than 15 points in required and optional course before the last year of schooling, the students can not enter to grade of graduate.

34.3 During the period of extension the international students should go through the formalities according to the pertinent regulations of the university.

35. The international students will be expelled from university in following circumstances:

35.1 If the international students can not accomplish the study (except illness and other special situations) within the specified time of university (including the period of suspension).

35.2 If the international students unable to go through the formalities of resumption or continues suspension before the deadline of suspension, or disqualify in reexamination twice, they can not resume the study in university.

35.3 If the international students are unable to register in school system in more than two weeks(including two weeks) after the start of the semester for no reasons.

35.4 If the international students are diagnosed with diseases of disability by university appointed medical unit that they can not be allowed to keep studying in university.

35.5 If the international students apply for expulsion voluntarily.

35.6 If the international students are absent from academic activities for two weeks without asking for leave.

35.7 If the international students ask other people to take their examination, or instead of other students to take their examination, or help other students during the examination, or using communication tools cheating in the examination, or have any other cheating behaviors.

36. The expulsion of international students of degree education should be presented by corresponding college, after they get the agreement from Foreign Affair Office, Student Affair Office, Dean’s Office or Graduate Faculty. The expulsion of international Chinese language students should be presented by faculty of humanities to university, after they get the signs from pertinent departments.

37. The university will handle the expulsion of international students. The university will send the expulsion document to student through college, and the Foreign Affair Office will put it on records.

X  Graduation, Completion of Courses and Degree Awarding

38. The international students can graduate when they reach the basic standard in training program for international students.

39. The international students can apply for early graduate if they complete the credits ahead of schedule. The early graduate application should be submitted by students. The Foreign Affair Office will put it on records after they have the permission from the college. The application of early graduation should be submitted in two semesters before the students’ estimated graduate time, late will not be accepted.

40. The international students will processed as completion in following circumstances:

40.1 If the international students unable to reach the credits that college prescribed.

40.2 If the international students still in disciplinary probation.

41. The international students who get completion from university can apply for retaking course in the first weeks of each semester within the period of schooling. And students who meet the graduation condition can apply for graduation in the last week of May or November each year.

42. The graduates who meet the conditions of CQJTU Bachelors Degree Awarding Regulation of International Student (Trial) can be granted bachelor degree.

43. The international students who are expelled form student status will not get any form of certificate.

44. The graduation certificate and degree certificate will not be reissued if lost. But University can issue proof of students’ graduation and degree, which have the same effect with the certificate.

Ⅺ Supplementary

45. This regulation is suitable for undergraduate international students after the year of 2013. If previous university regulation conflict with this regulation, this regulation shall prevail.

46. The Foreign Affair Office and Dean’s Office has the power of interpretation of this regulation.

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