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Brief Introduction of SEM

School of Economics and Management was founded in 1982 as a department of transportation management.In 2003, the Department of Transportation Management was divided into two colleges: School of Finance and Economics and School of Management which were merged as the current School of Economics and Management in 2015. It began to enroll undergraduates in 1982 and obtained the first-class discipline master's degree authorization point in 1998, the first-class discipline doctor's degree authorization point in 2011. It is one of the more than 120 colleges and universities in China that enrolls doctor of management.

International Student Guideline
Temporary Provisions for International Students’ Status Management in Credit System
Ⅰ. General Rules1. In order to strengthen the management of international students’ status management, the temporary provisions are formulated according to Administrative Rules on the Acceptance of Foreign Students by Colleges and Universities.2. The provision applies to all international students at Chongqing Jiaotong University (hereinafter called CQJTU). Ⅱ. Registration ...
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Provisions for International Student Registration and Student Management
1. New students should register, pay tuition and other fees in due time with the Admission Notice, passport, JW201 Form or JW202 Form. Registration should only be done by students themselves. Students who cannot register within the fix time shall inform in writing (emailing, faxing and etc.) the international students officer of reasons for an extension which is not more than 2 weeks. Students ...
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Provisions for International Students’ Class Attendance
1. International students shall observe the class disciplines and attend classes punctually. He/she shall not be late for class, leave class early, or be absent from classes.2. Teachers shall check students’ attendance before class, and keep an attendance record.3. International students who cannot attend classes because of illness or private affairs must ask the course teacher for lea...
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1. New students are supposed to register at the International Students Office, Chongqing Jiaotong University (Hereinafter called CQJTU) within the period prescribed in the Admission Notice. For registration, students need to submit the Admission Notice, passport, and JW201 Form or JW202 Form. Students who cannot register for some reasons in due time shall inform in writing the international stu...
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